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i am a self-defined Nuyorican creative (that is a Puerto Rican who is from both the isles of Manhattan, NYC and the Caribbean). I share daily in the joy of education and live in a cute port town in New York, in a 'teensy-weensy' apartment with my two dogs and canary named Valentino. Check out my Etsy shop for purchasable pieces. Please do not reproduce imagery off of this site without explicit credit and no derivatives may be made of my original imagery- Thank You.

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Guerilla Knitting in NYC

Names of Participating Guerilla Knitters

Guerilla Art and Guerilla Knitting is not such a new concept but when you get to see it in action, its always refreshing and innovative.

While my hub and I were visiting the city this summer, we ran into this corner on 1st avenue on 9th St. more than once (a very cool urban art/toy and graphics store called Giant Robot resides on that street).

green flower

Guerilla knitting is a great way to add color and warmth to the cold, and often hard face of the city. In this project, which was sponsored by the PS 122 Gallery last Spring, the work spawned from, and in conjunction with, a larger effort entitled Yarn Theory.

Covered iron bars

As you can see, the project certainly does add color and warmth, but I also think it creatively adds to the interdependent nature of the chaos and distraction of the city, especially into a space that is already a stimulating environment. That sounds negative, but I see it as a positive contribution to the meaning and symbolism evoked by the architectural features we walk by daily in the city.

iron fence on an angle

The PS 122 Gallery presented an exhibit this past Spring from April 25th to May 17th called Yarn Theory in hopes to spur on the realization that there is a deep relationship between science, math and knitting and crocheting:

Highlighting the work of some of today’s most interesting practitioners, Yarn Theory juxtaposes installations and art objects made with a scientific or mathematical basis as a starting point, and with mathematical models and items made explicitly to explain or clarify abstract concepts, which end up being compelling aesthetic forms unto themselves. Because of their incremental structure, the crafted shapes often mimic growth systems found in nature. Today’s needle workers, many of who are also scientists and mathematicians professionally, are exploring such correlations.
whole web

My personal favorite out of the Guerilla knitting on the corner of 9th St. is this grey web. It is brilliant in the way that it complements the color, complexity and interconnectedness of the city. The relationship between the yarn and the iron fence becomes truly symbiotic and relevant.

The way the web travels up between the iron bars is nothing short of artistic brilliance in my humble opinion.

detail of web

Wanderlust Dreams

Summertime is right around the corner, prompting me to revisit the idea of summer-dreamin' - what I would do if I knew I could not fail (or if I simply had the money). I think answering this somewhat universal question is vital for all of us and can truly inspire life changes (if not the big ones - at least the little ones).

If I could, I would get one of these:Vespa GT250

Isn't she stunning? Though I would share one, if I'm dreaming - I might as well say I'd get two Vespas so my husband can come along on my adventures. I have wanted a Vespa since my college years when visiting Europe, Greece and Mexico meant inevitable run-ins with these romanticized and adorable pint-size buckets of speed. There something about the wind in my hair, (under a helmet of course) but via a machine that my five-foot size one inch body can control!

Daily Coyote Book by blogger Shreve Stockton I would travel across country like this TOTALLY INSPIRING blogger: Shreve Stockton http://www.dailycoyote.net/

Shreve Stockton got up one day and decided to drive across country from San Francisco to New York City on a Vespa.

She chronicled the trip through photographs and blogged about her experience at a blog called Vespa Vagabond. During her journey, she stopped for one, single, solitary day in Wyoming and fell in love with the place. After she reached her destination (NYC), she ended up returning to Wyoming to start anew. While there her life crossed paths with an orphaned coyote whose parents had been shot. His name is Charlie. The Daily Coyote blog chronicles Charlie's life as he lives in a log cabin with Shreve, her cat Eli and the newest member of the family, puppy Chloe.

Hogan's Alley Guerilla Art Project

Though I have secret fantasies of seeing how much greener the grass is in other parts of the country, if I had that Vespa, my travels would revolve around the North Western parts of the Garden State, NY state, excursions to the grocery store, bookshop and summer escapades.

If I feed the dream, I would perhaps travel across the country as well. However, unlike Shreve, I would busy myself with doing spontaneous acts of anonymous Guerilla Art! Of course, just like Shreve, I would photograph and blog my journey for you, but I doubt it would make it into a publication!


The other dream I have is to forgo the Vespa, home and job and get one of these:

MaryJanes Farmgirl Teardrop Trailer

MaryJanesFarm Limited Edition Teardrop TrailerMaryJanesFarm Limited Edition Teardrop Trailer

This baby is a beauty and it would unleash the farm/cowgirl/nomad and wanderer in me! I would pack up the dogs (and again possibly the husband) and seek out a life of wanderlusting self-sustenance!

But the dream starts getting a bit impossible right around here since this little trailer will set you back $14,425 big ones...but look at what you get!

My little classic American travel trailer is easy to tow with virtually any vehicle. (Also great for those weekend antiquing trips—fill ’er up with your finds!)

Its aluminum matte finish exterior sports vintage-style steel wheels with baby-moon hubcaps and wide whitewalls, reproduction fiberglass fenders, and reproduction 1932 Ford tail lights. Inside, you’ll find maple woodwork, a cozy double bed with ample room for two, lighting, and a ceiling vent fan, completed by a locking entry door with a porthole window and a sliding picture window and screen. Out back is a tailgate kitchen, featuring a 12-gallon water tank, sink, and faucet; ample cupboards; a Coleman camp stove; and a matching 54-quart Coleman cooler that rides up front in style when not in use.

Purchase includes a night at MaryJanesFarm B&B getting acquainted with your new little darling, and lessons for both towing and what many women dread most: b-a-c-k-i-n-g up. Before I send you down the road with your MaryJanesFarm Limited Edition Teardrop Trailer, you’ll be driving in any direction you choose!

But at this point in my life...these fantasies are simply not possible. So its best to reign in the dreaming (for now) and return to the feasible and that is turning to Vivian Swift's amazing book.

Vivian Swift is a wonderful illustrator and watercolorist who hangs up her traveling shoes and starts to see the world immediately around her with fresh eyes... When Wanderers Cease To Roam

Vivian Swift's illustrated Book When Wanderer's Cease To Roam Vivian Swift Illustration - Book excerpt from When Wanderers Cease To Roam by Vivian Swift

Guerilla Art and First GIVEAWAY!!!!


So thanks for waiting so patiently!!! The first monthly giveaway piece is ready to go!!! So here is how and why I am doing this giveaway of art (in this case A SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT of a collage art piece that I made for Illustration Friday prompt; Forgotten. The collage you see above entitled 'Rainbirds'.)

Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith
I'm a big proponent of Guerilla Art (you may have seen the book in my suggested book list). In the way we often think of small random acts of kindness making the world a better place - with Guerilla art Keri Smith shares her vision of small random acts of ART making the world a better place. Often the art is 'anonymous' (which is a beautiful way to do something selflessly) for example: you're scanning a book or magazine in the bookstore and out between the pages falls a drawing left there purposely for you to find, keep or pass on...and you know not by who, such is the nature of Guerilla art.
I think those of us in the blogosphere can adopt this idea even if not anonymous, and I have already seen creative bloggers out there begin to do 'Giveaways' where the payment is not monetary, nor even an object of equal value, but instead the payment is made in an exchange of connection. Such was the case with my wonderful blogger friend BEATRIZ, a fellow artist living in Italy - her blog http://suitcase-contents.blogspot.com/, is listed under my favorite bloggers list and has already completed her first giveaway!!!

So here is how it is going to work. I will pick the receiver/winner of the photographic print on the Fourth of July through those who have left a comment!!! It will be my way of celebrating independence and I will choose the receiver/winner by reading through all the comments left for the print and seeing who left a comment that truly touched the answer to my comment question. So here is your comment question:

In this collage I use the parasol as a symbol of bidding fairwell...though goodbye's can be somber and difficult aspects of our lives - they can also be releasing and un-inhibiting, as well as a form of independence. This is why I entitled the piece Rainbirds...the rain has set her free - flight - birds...so what is your Freedom-Through-Goodbye story??

Leave me a comment and I will choose from among you - but if it becomes too difficult to choose I will use a random number generator to help me choose. You have from now to the fourth of July (which is over two weeks) to comment - please be sure to leave your email address with your comment so that I can contact you! I will announce the winner and their blog on the fourth of July post.